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Department of Psychiatry at Marway General Hospital

This is a proposal for the establishment of a psychiatry department at Marway General Hospital.

The Marawy region covers a large area in the south of the northern state,

The region is witnessing a great development in the services of the public health, and since mental health is
Complementary to all health services, it is imperative that this section be established.

As stated in the national document:
Providing advanced, balanced, sustainable and comprehensive preventive and curative health services.

From my own experience, and in less than six months, I went to a psychiatric clinic
In the medical city of Marway, there are many cases, including those who seek treatment for the first time, and others
Who was following their treatment in Khartoum.

It costs a lot of patients’ families because of traveling to seek treatment. Also the cost of
Accommodation, housing and living. The establishment of such a unit in Merowe saves money to allow families to see an improvement and return to normal life,

The presence of the department within the general hospital has many benefits, including a reminder that the hospital is
Near the place to the rest of the hospital departments in the care of the patient’s physical health and work
pharmecies and prescribing internal treatment if necessary. It also allows internal patients
Benefit from the evaluation of cases that need psychological treatment, such as postnatal depression

Our message:

Providing advanced psychiatric services


Providing psychological services to the people of the region and neighboring areas.

Caring for the psychiatric patient and those accompanying him.

Psychological and physical examination and doing what is necessary for the patient to return to their normal life.

Reducing the suffering of the patient and his or her family and providing psychological and material support by directing them to the relevant authorities.

First: the outpatient clinics

Because the department is in its infancy, there will be only one clinic

For general psychiatry:

A psychiatrist works in it, assisted by a deputy under the supervision of the psychological consultant
The presence of the specialist can start with psychiatric assistants, and they are assisted by a team of specialists.
sociologists, psychiatrists and trained nurses.

Through this clinic, cases of severe mental disorder are treated » » Emotional Disorder
and neurosis diseases,

The clinic provides pharmacological and psychological treatment for addiction patients and follows up on cases of the internal department afterward yhey are discharged with the aim of preventing relapses and ensuring that the patient stays away from the cycle of addiction as it is important that the individual must return to play his active role in the family, study, work, and society in general, and remove the effects of the disability caused by the period of abuse. The clinic is has seen cases like this with a happy ending.

Pediatric psychiatry:
For the treatment of mental illnesses in children under the age of twelve.

The clinic provides psychological assessment services through psychological tests
Specially formulated for children by a clinical pediatrician

Elderly psychiatry and memory disorders

Case assessment, treatment, and follow-up 5 for adult patients with
Memory and other mental disorders of the elderly.

Psychological treatment, psychological sessions and continuous evaluation of the service.

Second: the internal section

General psychiatry, consisting of a ward for men and a ward for women

And a section of the day hospital for children and the elderly.

Services provided to inpatients:

The number of beds in the department is (5) beds in the men’s wing and (5)” in the women’s wing

Treatment is based on a daily program; It provides drug therapy and treatments

family therapy as well as some social services related to therapy; as such

They are discharged from the hospital in outpatient clinics and rehabilitation. ,

We receive cases of psychological emergencies for a period of (5) (1 hour) throughout the day.

There is a resident doctor, nurse and receptionist at the reception. equipped
To receive emergency cases as well.

Analytics lab:
Available at the general hospital.
The laboratory needs a device to detect drugs in urine and blood in an automatic and confidential manner

The device for detecting rated materials using the electrolytic method.

Available treatments:

The hospital pharmacy provides drugs used in the treatment of psychiatric patients. Pharmacotherapy
Family psychotherapy.

Self-help and religious support sessions for patients

01) Brain rhythm regulation sessions (electrotherapy sessions)

With muscle relaxant and this with the help of the anesthesiologist delegated from the Department of Anesthesia. . is being used the device 100 1137012105, which is considered a huge development in this field, as it measures both
Brain activity, electrocardiogram, and muscles while giving the session, which confirms the success of the session while reducing the possibility of side effects.

Rehabilitation therapy and occupational therapy: It is the rehabilitation of the mentally ill and addicted patient to live in society Earning, on the other hand, enables him to deal with others and mix in society.

sport activities : :
You can take advantage of the sports clubs in the area.

Which is done mainly under the supervision of a specialized technician to help patients draw all kinds of artifacts
Here, art professors in the region’s schools and universities can benefit from,

Archive section:

There is an archive that contains all the records of patients in the internal department.

There are buildings in the general hospital that are used as stores that can be used as wards and offices. A Doctors office. Office of psychological and social researchers. A hall for lectures and training.

Especially for the lectures in which doctors and medical students receive from Abdul Latif Al-Hamad University (expected University assistance for this department).

Administrative units
Under the supervision of the medical director and general manager of the hospital.

Administrative Affairs Unit: It includes the Patient Movement Unit, the Public Affairs Unit, and the Information Unit
computer unit.

Financial Affairs Unit: The revenue unit and the accounts.

the Secretary :

It includes a secretary and a statistician

Hygiene unit: It carries out cleaning work throughout